Hey ! I'm Damien Bry.
I'm a minimalist entrepreneur.
On a one year goal to run high-value businesses remotely.

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Goal progression

days left
1 high-value business - 5 failed
am I working remotely ? not yet

1. I'm born to create.

Since I'm a kid, I'm crafting projects.

I can't stand the idea of spending just one day not building my future.
Our time on Earth is precious.
Everybody choose however they spend it.
I chose to make the most of it.

Yes, my life has ups and downs.
Yes, it's difficult.
Yes, many people don't understand me.
But fuck no, I wouldn't trade this for anything.

An intense life is a life well lived.
I could die tomorrow.
But I don't care: I did the best I could.
I have no regret.

“Hell on Earth is when you meet the person you could have become.”

2. I accomplish myself in improving.

Self-growth is what drives me.

I'm addicted to launch a new project and learn on the road whatever needs to be learned.

Paying the price of discomfort daily is what expands my comfort zone so quickly.

Winning a challenge is only rewarding because you paid the price to get there.

And I'm paying the fucking price.
And will pay it every day for years ahead.

3. I want to explore alternative life paths.

I can't stand the idea of following the path others have written for me.
I won't let the society, friend nor family circles choose for me.

To choose properly I must try multiple options to see if it fits me.

I have already chosen minimalism as a system to do more with less.
I have already chosen entrepreneurship as building businesses is what I love to do the most.

There's other sides that I didn't explore fully yet: nomadism ? van life ?
This is why I want to try them.

Failed projects

Cash Clock
Chrome tab page tracking your time left
I learnt to create a chrome extension and ship a service for a problem I personally had
Markdown generated quizzes
I learnt to bootstrap quickly a project with live demo
Mentor Léo
Full stack development online courses
I learnt to write courses and connect with people around the world
Medieval/fantasy web game
I learnt to build a full stack app and manage tasks dependencies in a small-sized team

Ongoing projects

Social Media marketing agency
Best execution team ever
Ready to pivot if needed

What's next ?
What everyday problems do you have ?
Could I solve that ?

Or reach me on twitter @damien_bry

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I write on self-growth, productivity, psychology, society, and whatever I want to talk about.

Why self-fund projects ?

I love energy efficiency. I believe the high-speed execution of a small team leverages huge value for their customers.

Most of the startup investing is broken.

I want to pitch to customers, not investors.
I want to ship something people want and pay. Not acquire vanity metrics.
I want to bring value to the world. Not raising soul-less money.

I don't want to dominate the world.
I want to achieve my lifestyle.
I'm not here only for the money.
I want to run healthy and ethical companies.

Free content is great ! Why shall I pay for your services ?

You may think advertising and personal data collection is great because we can build business models around free services. Users love what's free, right ? Wait, there's a huge catch.

Advertising promotes the attention economy: users don't pay with their money, but with their time.

And it's so much worse. On many levels:

  • Time is our most precious resource, you can't trade it back once it's spent. Money yes.
  • Advertised services will maximise your time spent on ads to increase their revenue. They use natural human mental biases to do so and distract you.
  • Distraction is what prevents you to be focused and achieve things. Our average attenton span is generationnaly dropping, thanks smartphones

What about services which maximize the value they offer ?

Focusing back on what matters will leverage so much more brainpower on today's society problems.