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Hey ! I'm Damien Bry.
I'm a minimalist entrepreneur.
On a one year goal to run high-value businesses remotely.

Why setting goals on August 8th?

Some of you asked wtf is that start date. Here’s why.

There’s a whole fascination about New Year’s resolutions. An occasion to reflect on the year passed and plan for the future.

“Less alcohol, less sugar, more exercise.”

It’s a beautiful routine, really.

So why wait for December, 31st to make that move ? How many resolutions have you kept ?

If your brain is not trained to form new habits, it’s pretty obvious that you fail almost every resolution.

This is why I started whenever I wanted: a random August, 8th. Who cares when I start ? What matters is the goal: is it achieved by August 8th 2019 ?

Leverage energy pikes

I’ve analyzed my life’s energy for the past years. I’ve noticed that I’m running extremely high levels of positive energy in the first moments of creating something.

I can’t stop my brain from going full power and make connections, structure ideas and anticipate the different outcomes.

There are a lot of times when this energy pike happened in an inappropriate moment. A moment when I couldn’t afford to spend my brainpower to that.

So I delayed that internal-brainstorming.

Guess what? After a while when I come back to that idea, the energy is gone. The brainpower is gone.

This is why I’ve decided to leverage that energy resource when it’s available, before it’s too late.

What exactly is the goal ?

I said in the headline of my website (https://damienbry.io) that I want to run high-value businesses remotely.

There’s 2 powerful concepts in there.

The first one is about building value for my customers through one or multiple companies.

I’m already working on Elyios, a creative marketing agency focused on Social Media. I don’t know yet if I will build other projects within this year. But it’s a possibility.

The second goal is a bit trickier.

I already tried the remote lifestyle for 6 months, backpacking and working wherever I was. And I loooved it.

Being a nomad truly fuels my creativity.

This is one of my life’s greatest assets.

But I stayed mostly in my country for financial reasons, and didn’t fully experience it. Simply working remotely is relatively easy. I aim higher.

The goal is to afford working off-office for extensive periods of time, and try alternative traveling paces (#vanlife) ?).

This means crafting business processes that require little human energy, or at least little local human energy.

This means build a team that I can trust overseas.

This means work with loyal customers (so beforehand add high value to their lives).

What’s great with that remote goal, is that I can cut my traveling phase whenever I want to come back and help my team. I’m not jailed abroad, nor in the office.

In a nutshell, this means equip myself with tools to skyrocket my creativity