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Hey ! I'm Damien Bry.
I'm a minimalist entrepreneur.
On a one year goal to run high-value businesses remotely.

Using marathons as mental training

I spend a lot of time working my mental sharpness.

My ability to focus and produce results.

The outcomes help me become a better human and entrepreneur.

I use multiple tools for that.

Cold showers

I usually begin my day with a hot shower to wake me up. In the last minutes I switch it to the coldest.

Why do I deny all the comfort I can benefit, to reach for fucking cold water ?

  • it wakes me really up
  • it improves my health
  • I really enjoy my everyday comfort after that
  • this builds momentum as it’s the first hard task of the day


I have a deep background of full stack development.

I use entrepreneurship as a way to expand my skills to many other activities:

  • copywriting
  • digital marketing
  • sales
  • teaching
  • etc

This implies throwing myself into the new activity as a beginner.

Obviously I make mistakes but I’m learning on the way (and fast).

I’m becoming better and better at understanding other perspectives, people and businesses.


Exercising is really awesome to work on your mind.

Daily, you can put yourself in extreme discomfort situations. Push yourself to the edge. And recover by the next morning (if not injured).

I can’t imagine training myself that way in the real life.

I just can’t dump my girlfriend just to train my emotional discomfort. Real life actions have consequences: no way she won’t be mad at me after that.

That’s why I love sports.

  • I ran a SwimRun race (14km running and 2.5km swimming) after only 2 months of learning the front crawl …
  • I ran a half-marathon with a 4kg-weighted vest, without food nor water.
  • I ran my first marathon with @SamuelBerthe last weekend (in 4:42 if you want to know). It was tough, my knee was hurting me almost all along. But I finished it.

About the marathon

There are parts of the race when your mind can’t handle the time and distance left.

It’s too huge and it makes you want to quit.

Instead, a good mental posture is to focus on your footsteps and your breath.

Be an animal again and be aware only about your inhale/exhale cycles, and your body movement.

Nothing else.

It teaches you to focus on your actions (what you control) instead of focusing on the results.

Here is a good lesson for every area of my life.

I really believe that hard sport training is making me a better entrepreneur.

And guess what ?

I can’t wait to push myself further