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The 7th pillar: accomplishment

I’ve already identified the 6 pillars of my ideal, balanced life.

But there was one missing.

After a few weeks and months of testing those pillars, I found out there was one missing for me to have an accomplished life.

One which is not vital.

But one which is necessary.

One without which I would never have gotten that far.

One with which I will continue to grow.

One which is both scary and exciting.


This is a component in every one of my 6 first pillars.

This idea has been nurturing for years in my head. Slowly, I have experienced many forms of discomfort.

Today, I’m able to follow what the guys from Yes Theory are teaching: actively seeking discomfort.

This 7th pillar drives me to places I would never go otherwise.

I’m incredibly mentally tougher than a few months and years ago.

I’m able to live and enjoy more with less.

That’s was the whole point of opening myself to minimalism.

And this opens a broad dimension of freedom.

I lived my life as a fight. I used to combat my mind everyday in order to grow.

But doing it over and over, it feels less like a fight.

And more like a hike.

Don’t fool yourself: it’s hard.

Most of the time, I climb.

Sometimes, I rest on the side of the road and admire the landscape.

By moments I have the luck to have company in my ascent. Even though I know it won’t be for ever, I’m grateful to share my journey

But here’s the thing about my life ascent: it’s not a regular hike.

I know I will never reach the top. Because there’s none.

But I feel accomplished doing my best at climbing.

And on the verge of my death, I would look down the hill and only be proud of reaching that high.