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Hey ! I'm Damien Bry.
I'm a minimalist entrepreneur.
On a one year goal to run high-value businesses remotely.

The 6 pillars of my ideal, balanced life

I love many things in life. Why not do all of them ?

For years I tried to understand which activity I would never be tired of doing. By spending so much time on that activity I would eventually be very good at it, if not the best. I was obsessed with specialisation.

The society and social media rewards those who are the best at what they do, through salaries and likes. I wanted that.

I tried lots of activities including sports, music instruments, video making, video game playing, dancing, coding, etc, etc.

After years of experimentation, I finally figured out what’s that fabulous activity to focus on:


I discovered that balancing makes everything enjoyable.

I discovered that I don’t care about the number of likes on social media, nor having the highest payroll.

My ideal day would contain:

  1. creating: a few but deep work hours, playing music, writing
  2. exercising: surf, ski, workout, combat sports
  3. learning: reading a book, practicing a new skill
  4. socialising: seing friends and meeting new people
  5. exploring: physical & mental traveling
  6. resting: because all 5 above are worthless if I’m tired

Some activities join 2 or more of these groups:

  • practicing a language with someone groups learning and socialising
  • ride a new ski slope groups exercising and exploring
  • practicing a song groups creating and learning

My path

I’m building this lifestyle progressively.

I’m on a journey of relative independence from the society:

  • fewer but deeper work hours versus regular 9-to-5 praising distractions
  • nomad life versus having a fixed home
  • etc

It’s a journey of carving my own path.

This is hard, but terribly exciting

How about accomplishment ?

These 6 first pillars are the ones I need to have a well balanced life.

But that doesn’t make me fulfilled.

This is the role of a 7th pillar.