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Quitting coffee and overwork culture

I’ve been there too many times.

These moments when you need your coffee to get awake.

To leverage extra productivity/focus/whatever you are looking for when drinking coffee, you need to double the dose.

And few days later, double again.

This is not healthy, and hopefully can be reverted

Biological explanations

Adenosine is a neurotransmitter produced by your body to regulate your sleep/awake cycles. It binds to nerve cells to tell your brain when it’s time to rest. Basically it causes drowsiness.

The caffeine molecules binds to the same receptor sites as adenosine. Then, it increases brain activity and making you more alert.

This has 2 side-effects.

First, caffeine breaks your natural sleep/awake cycles. You’ll have more troubles to sleep (or with less quality). The next morning, you’ll be less rested and the feeling of drowsiness will be greater.

Second, and this one is nasty, your body natural reaction to caffeine binding to receptor sites instead of adenosine is to reach balance. Your body creates more receptor sites so that nerve cells get the right amount of adenosine they naturally deserve. The next morning, you’ll have more receptors than usual. Adenosine will bind to these sites more easily and your drowsiness sensation will be greater. If your reaction is to drink more coffee, it becomes a vicious cycle.


Drowsiness is a natural signal telling your body to rest. In a culture of overwork and busyness, specially a regular 9-to-5 schedule, you have to perform every workday. But your body may not be okay with performing at these schedules.

So you start coffee (or worst, energy drinks).

Instead, what we should do is simply rest.

And work at peak performance later.

This is my fight: craft an alternative life where work and body/mental health are well balanced.

How to revert

The human body is an incredible machinery.

You just have to detox yourself from coffee.

It takes a few days of complete detox from caffeine - so tea is included - (from 5 to 15 days depending on the sources) for the number of adenosine receptors get back to normal.

Though, I didn’t find any clear scientific documentation on the average detox duration from coffee. If you found one, please update me

The best way to use coffee

Instead of using coffee as a social ritual and a “drowsiness resetter”, I would suggest a far more efficient approach.

Well first reset your body addiction to coffee.

Then, methodically use coffee to leverage productivity when already at peak performance.

Don’t use coffee to stay alerts in meetings, or when scrolling Facebook.

Use it when you are already in a focused value creation mindset. So that you create exponentially more in that lapse of time.

Who cares how much time you spend vegetating in front of your screen, when you can ship 10x value in a small span of time ?

This is one of the core concepts of the Remote Only company culture.